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Welcome to the brand new AMRC Training Centre!

Our state-of-the-art centre offers the very best in practical and academic training. We provide the skills that manufacturing companies need to compete globally, from apprenticeship through to doctorate and MBA level. We look forward to meeting you.

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The UK needs more engineers.  One could argue this hardly needs reinforcement but a recent report by Professor John Perk...

Make Create Innovate!

Attracting young people to engage in science, technology, engineering and maths is quite a challenge however the UK faces mas...


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RT @KirstyP38 Drove past this tonight and couldn't resist a pic! #amrctraining #sheffieldissuper @bondbryan http://t.co/39fSOLeebT

Find out more about our #Business and #Administration #Apprenticeships with our all new guide. RECRUITING NOW!! http://t.co/UbVWgJWkVP

Check out our new #Engineering Prospectus for 2015-16. Pick up your copy at our Make,Create,Innovate event on 6 Nov http://t.co/Tnm0jMbsSN

You could learn about the chemistry behind making candy floss at our #STEM event next Thurs. http://t.co/klurwrv5fr http://t.co/WRiDnrXdWz