What are Apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is essentially a group of qualifications called a ‘framework’ developed by Sector Skills Councils.

Our apprenticeship frameworks follow a standard format that comprises:

A National Vocational Qualification at Level 3

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are designed around the skills people use at work and cover a multitude of different vocations and levels of work. Each NVQ is made up of a number of units of competence that set out what an individual must be able to do in a given area and to what standard.

Functional Skills (English, Maths, ICT)

Function Skills address the personal development of an individual. Functional Skills are considered by companies to be an essential part of occupational competence. They are integrated into all components of the apprenticeship framework but are separately certificated.

A Technical Certificate

'Technical Certificate' is a generic term for a knowledge-based qualification that is delivered alongside a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in an apprenticeship framework. Technical Certificates support the learning required for apprentices to achieve their NVQs. In most cases this is a compulsory part of an apprenticeship programme and is delivered with the NVQ but is separately certificated.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERRO1)

This is initially delivered as a stand-alone session to give the apprentices the underpinning knowledge needed to complete the work books. The apprentices carry out further research and complete the work books out in their respective places of work.

Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)

Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills equip young people for their employment and lifelong learning. PLTS is generally covered through observation by the Assessor and Q&A processes with the apprentice. There are 6 aims within this part of the apprenticeship:

  • Creative Thinkers.
  • Reflective Learners.
  • Self Managers.
  • Team Workers.
  • Independent Enquirers.
  • Effective Participators.

We provide the knowledge and develop basic skills while the employer provides the practical industry experience to put those skills to the test.

What are Apprenticeships?

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