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Leigh Worsdale, Overall Apprentice of the Year 2017 at Foxwood Diesel

My current role is an Apprentice Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Builder. A normal day would include cleaning parts and fitting them to the engine, this will include major components such as the crankshaft, camshaft, gear housings, head, and sump.

My highlights at the Training Centre have been meeting new people who have the same interests as me and also learning about the maintenance and tech support side of engineering. I’ve also met some very inspiring people such as Sir Alex Ferguson.

After my apprenticeship I am looking to further my education by going on to do a level 4 qualification. Eventually I would love to run my own business or work for a multinational company that offers travel throughout my career.


David Askey, CAD/CAM Engineer at Thornhill Heat Exchanges

I am currently a CAD/CAM Engineer at Thornhill Heat Exchanges. My day-to-day activities include designing mould tools for rubber parts, for either compression or injection moulding and to then programme the NC files used by the CNC machines to create the parts. I will also be helping with the design of our own heat exchanges and creating the toolpaths for the machines.
Having recently chosen to have a complete change of career, the highlight of my time at the Training Centre was getting to discover that I now enjoy my work. I am aiming at having a long and successful career within engineering and would like to continue to improve my design and manufacturing skills and abilities.


Alexandra Smith, Higher Achiever Apprentice at Rolls-Royce

I’m currently an Advanced Technical Apprentice at Rolls-Royce and I am training to be a Non-Destructive Testing Engineer. At the Training Centre I enjoyed the materials section of the course; I find it interesting that a small change to the material through the production process can change the properties of the material in an extreme way.

To help me with my new role I would like to continue on to the new top up degree run by the Training Centre. In the long term I would like to look after projects within the design and production departments, writing specifications for Non-Destructive Testing techniques and managing a team, you never know I may even work at the AMRC one day.


Ben Middleton, Machining Apprentice of the Year at Polypipe

My current job role at Polypipe is a Toolmaker. I strip tools to identify their problem and operate mechanical machinery to create solutions. The machinery I operate includes lathes, millers, pillar drills, grinders and more. When I arrive at work I am either given an urgent machining task or will begin to strip tools myself to identify a problem.

The highlight for me has been that the trainers were always willing to give me advice and guidance in areas I felt necessary. Due to coming from an academic background and only recently leaving sixth form, I had little engineering knowledge and therefore needed as much help as possible. I want to continue developing my skills as a toolmaker whilst earning as many qualifications as I can.


Abbie Plummer, Electrical Maintenance apprentice at Symphony Group

Abbie Plummer, 18, from Brinsworth, is an Electrical Maintenance Apprentice with Symphony Group Plc, training at the AMRC training centre and enjoys the combination of a first class education and skills based employment.
“An apprenticeship allows me to use different types of learning – it’s great to be able to develop hands-on skills and gain industry experience, as well as building my understanding of the theory around the work I do.”
Abbie was impressed by the provision on offer at AMRC’s training centre and has been delighted with the learning and tuition available. “When I first visited AMRC I was blown away by the facilities on offer – the training is the best in its field, and a top level of teaching too. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!”
Abbie enjoys the combination of work based placement and studying to gain the skills she needs to succeed in her future career. “It’s an amazing opportunity – learning and gaining skills whilst getting paid to study! I’m hoping to go onto university, and with the experience I’ve gained through the AMRC training it puts me in a great position”.


Cosmin Dragan, Plastic Fabricator at RIPCO

I am currently a Plastic Fabricator at Rotherham Industrial Plastics. My day-to-day activities include fabrication, pipe installation, and CNC operation.

My highlights at the AMRC Training Centre have been working in the excellent facilities with great trainers and also being nominated for the Apprentice of the Year Awards 2017.

In the future I would like to become a CNC department manager.


Oliver Heafield, Higher Apprenticheship - Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce Plc

The idea of studying at one of the UKs top engineering universities was very appealing as the University of Sheffield offers great facilities and resources.

The course has the ability to have close, small group tuition and interaction whilst delivering degree level content – something that is rare on a degree level course. It has given me more confidence and knowhow whilst providing ideas and alternative solutions, which can only be a benefit to the company.


Eloise Shaw, Mechanical Manufacturing apprentice at Technicut

For me an apprenticeship is the best pathway as I get to learn while earning money. My friends go to college in the week and then have Saturday jobs. They wonder why I’ve got so much money!

I’ll be at the AMRC training centre for six months on the shop floor, followed by three months on the CNC machines before I go back to Technicut to start as a trainee CNC machinist.
My employer asked in my interview if I would want to further develop and do the foundation degree, I want to go as far as I can. I like to do design, so I might look at CAD.


Thomas Hesling, Electrical Maintenance Engineer at Leggett & Platt

I am currently an Electrical Maintenance Engineer at Leggett & Platt. My day-to-day activities include fixing the machines that are down on site to keep them running at their peak, and to make sure that there are no break downs by doing preventive maintenance work.

My highlight at the Training Centre has been the electrical training because it gives you an insight on day-to-day life in an electrical environment. I want to get a degree in Electrical Maintenance to help me enhance the skills and techniques I have learnt over the past year.


Jack Varley, Apprentice Service Enginner at Nikken

Some of my highlights at the AMRC Training Centre are meeting the best group of friends at the start of PEO Level 2, helping in extracurricular open events with children and aspiring apprentices, machining training and being trained by experienced and very helpful trainers in brilliant facilities.

My current role at Nikken is Apprentice Service Engineer. My day-to-day activities involve the building, refurbishment, service and modification of four and five-axis rotary tables. I want to progress with the Training Centre and complete a foundation degree.

Using this as a platform to launch my career I want to then become a technical salesman or business manager and make the most of the excellent platform that the Training Centre has given me.


Chloe Hislop - Maintenance apprentice at Haywood and Padgett Ltd

“Before starting my apprenticeship I had enrolled on a public service and vehicle maintenance full time course with a local college, but I quickly realised that the college route didn’t offer the type of engineering skills and opportunities I was looking for.
After researching other colleges and providers across Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley, the AMRC Training Centre clearly stood out when comparing them to the other options in the region in terms of locations, ease of access and more noticeable the size of the facility and the amount equipment on offer and it was by far the best fit for me.
At the end of my apprenticeship I hope to be fully qualified and working as a maintenance engineer with Haywood & Padgett, and will hopefully continue my education into the degree apprenticeship programmes.”


Joe Martin, Design and Quality apprentice at Atkins

My highlights at the Training Centre have been training alongside other aspiring engineers from different disciplines, who always make you challenge yourself.

My aim is to build a range of skills in all areas of mechanical engineering. I then want to go on and complete a full degree and aim to someday be a chartered engineer who can compete in a global market, so I can travel abroad. My current role at Atkins is Apprentice Draughtsman. My day-to-day activities involve taking design briefs from clients, engineers and in team meetings to then create both 2D and 3D models of the project outcome. I also produce detailed drawings to aid the production of projects by showing all the dimensions required.


Darryl Baker, Fabrication and Welding apprentice at Fulwood Fabrications

My current role at Fullwood Fabrications is Apprentice Plating Welder and I am studying my Level 3 BTEC which includes topics such as engineering drawings, thermal treatments of metals and principles of welding.
Some of my highlights at the AMRC Training Centre have been achieving good grades and being nominated for the Apprentice of the Year Awards in two different categories.
I came to the Training Centre not knowing a lot about the trade but I have managed to progress a lot on my skills.

After finishing my BTEC I want to do a HNC or HND. At the moment I want to stay on the shop floor, to try and master my trade and eventually move to an office role to deal with quality tasks.


Lukas Jarmalavicious - First Year Composites apprentice at Arnold Magnetics

Lukas Jarmalavicious - First Year Composites apprentice at Arnold Magnetics

"I'm 16 and live in Sheffield. I chose engineering as a vocational course when I was at secondary school. I like that I get training, a wage and experience while I'm working towards a higher engineering qualification.

I want to get skills in using different tools and machines and then specialise in composites when I finish."

Anastasia Todd - Business & Administration apprentice at AMRC Training Centre

Anastasia Todd - Business & administration apprentice at the AMRC Training Centre

"I've been at the AMRC Training Centre for a couple of months now. It's been a huge learning curve as the centre is brand new. I've been dealing with a lot of the professional courses we run, booking people on and making sure the course runs smoothly.

I'm also going to help with the recruitment of new apprentices in 2014. Every day I learn something new and I love that."

Matt Watson - First Year Apprentice welder at MTL

Matt Watson - First Year Apprentice welder at MTL

"I'm 18 and live in Rotherham. I became an apprentice as it provides training, a wage and most importantly experience of working with different tools and machines, and also working with other people. Plus I'm studying and working towards a higher qualification in engineering. After my apprenticeship I want to study further and get more qualifications behind me as I progress through my working career."

Mitch Gannon - First Year Technical Support apprentice at Rolls-Royce

Mitch Gannon - First Year Technical support apprentice at Rolls-Royce

"I became an apprentice as I've always been practical and interested in how things work, such as building and repairing cars and bikes. Furthermore, the apprentice scheme suited me as I'll learn practical skills and gain higher standard qualifications. In time, I want to start my degree and do some kind of management training at Rolls-Royce."

Tom Hinchliffe - First Year Technical Support apprentice at ATI Allvac

Tom Hinchliffe - First Year Technical support apprentice at ATI Allvac

"I originally went to college for a year to study AS level chemistry, physics and philosophy but I didn't really like the lifestyle and don't cope well with exam conditions. Each day at the AMRC Training Centre is quite varied as I move around from task to task. At the moment I am hand fitting, but I have also done turning on lathes and milling on the miller machines. Ultimately I hope my apprenticeship will be a platform for me to reach my goal of achieving a Master's Degree in Engineering Physics and be on my way to becoming one of the best engineers in the country."

Matt - Second Year Apprentice, AMRC

Matt - Second Year Apprentice, AMRC

"The apprentice programme so far has been a good learning experience. I have been working on a variety of machining work for the AMRC this year – you never do the same job twice. I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship, it's brilliant working here. I've really enjoyed the whole experience, in particular the step up to CNC machining."

Connor - Second Year Apprentice, AMRC

Connor - Second Year Apprentice, AMRC

"I've completed a lot of work for the Composites Centre and Rolls-Royce. The work I do is important and has meaning. The best aspect of this year has been moving onto the CNC milling machine and learning the whole concept of CNC work. I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship – where else can you work on important projects, get paid and learn as well?!"

Anthony - Second Year Apprentice, JRI

Anthony - Second Year Apprentice, JRI

"Since I started my placement at the AMRC I have grown rapidly both as a person and an engineer. I started with little knowledge of engineering and I am now producing jobs for companies such as Rolls-Royce using a variety of centre lathes and milling machines. These manual skills prepare us to work on CNC machines in the future. The other apprentices here are great and have made me feel really welcome. In addition to this the recruitment team were extremely professional. I really enjoy training through the AMRC and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to put the effort in to become a first class engineer."


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