We employ apprentices because...

Do you want an engineering workforce fit for the future?

Then look no further than the AMRC Training Centre - where ambition and aspiration is nurtured through apprenticeships to create the talented engineers of tomorrow who have the right skills and knowledge to drive innovation and help your company compete and succeed. 

Take a look at what our employers have to say about apprentices.

We employ apprentices because...


"...we employ apprentices because they are hungry to
learn and eager to deliver quality solutions."
Tribosonics - Tom Chaldecott


"...the future of the industry needs apprentices to
support succession planning."
Blatchford – Marion Billingham

“...we want to maintain the skills in the engineering
environment and continue to invest in people.”
William Cook  

“... they enhance the culture within NPrime with their
energy, enthusiasm, and ideas.”
NPRIME - Richard Winder


"...we are investing in the next generation 
for the company’s future."
Stelrad Radiator Group - Dean Holdsworth


“...to invest in the next generation of 
UK manufacturing.”
Trelleborg - Michael Hudson


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