Record Breaker at the AMRC Training Centre

Aidan Willis, one of the AMRC Training Centre apprentices, has just broken a world record – golfing!

Aidan, age 19 from Doncaster , is a keen golfer and fundraiser so combined both passions and set on a mission to break the Guinness World Record for how many holes could be played in one go without stopping.

He set off at 3.30am and didnt finish until 10pm and successfully played 255 holes – thats one more than the world record. It is also 96 miles of walking so he was very sore by the time hed finished. Aidan was spurred on by family and friends who played a few holes each to keep him motivated at Hickleton Golf Club on 23rd of June.

Aidan has been raising money for cancer charities for a number of years since a close family member passed away. He has already raised £10K for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.  

Aidan said “I didnt think I was going to finish it at one point as I was feeling shattered but everyone kept me going. Im really glad I did it as I dont want to do it again and Im hoping no one else will break my record. Its been great to raise all this money as I know that it will help save lives”.

He is waiting to hear from the Guinness Book of Records for confirmation that his entry will feature in the next edition.  Jonathan Radford, Aidans trainer at the AMRC Training Centre, said “Everyone at the Training Centre is very impressed by both his great work ethic and his ambition to raise money for charity. He is going to be a real asset to his employer Nikken Kosakusho when he finishes his training”

Well done Aidan and congratulations on breaking the record.

Record Breaker at the AMRC Training Centre

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