100% of business & administration apprentices pass their technical certificates

The AMRC Training Centre delivers business and administration apprenticeships, in addition to its range of engineering pathways.

The first cohort of seven apprentices have been studying hard since September and took their exams in February. The results are in and every one of them passed their technical certificate at either level 2 or 3(EDI accreditation).

Linda White, their work-based learning team leader from Barnsley College said “The group has been enthusiastic and motivated since they started. Its been an absolute pleasure to teach them. They still have their NVQ portfolio to complete, where they gather evidence about their working day. This helps them learn on the job and show they have met the criteria. Ive got no doubts that they will all do well”.

Christine Ainsbury is the course coordinator at the AMRC Training Centre. She said “Im so delighted for them all. Its lovely to see them all mature and grow into their roles. Business and administration is an important function within companies so we are aiming to help all our young apprentices be the best they can and get them on the first rung of the career ladder”.

The apprentices will finish in September 2014 or April 2015 and will either go onto a higher level or complete their apprenticeship and be ready for work.


Pictured top bottom are:

Linda White, Tom Luxton-Brookes, Stacey Curtis, Asaed Ali, Amy Fretwell, Laura Barber, Joshua Talbot, Anastasia Hawkins-Todd and Christine Ainsbury

100% of business & administration apprentices pass their technical certificates

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