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Understanding and Reviewing Material Certificates

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A one day course supporting businesses who buy, sell or use metals and alloys.
Course Aims:
This course will help you to understand what to look for in material certificates and to evaluate
deviations from specification. Real examples will be used and practical examples of certification
review will be given.

Who Should Attend?

The course is aimed at personnel who use or work with material certificates. It will be
particularly useful to quality and engineering personnel who have to review documentation in order to verify compliance.

Course Content:

Material Certificates:
• What information does a certificate tell me
and why is it important?
• What needs to be reviewed?
• What alloying elements need to be reviewed
• Heat treatment requirements
Stainless steels and non-ferrous alloys:
• Certification and corrosion resistance
• Stainless steels
• Nickel alloys
• Aluminium alloys
Manufacturing and Properties:
• Effect of Steelmaking
• Casting and forging
• Rolled and forged bar
• Heat treatment
• Mechanical Properties
• Common problems
• What can be accepted
• Effect of composition variations
• Heat treatment issues
• Material properties
• Effect on fabrication and welding
• What affects the properties of steels
• Processing parameters
• What’s relevant to my application?
• Tensile, impact & hardness testing
Industry standards and specifications:
• Basic requirements
• Specific applications
• Client requirements

Course Duration:
1 day

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