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A guide to writing material specifications

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A one day course enabling you to specify engineering materials correctly and precisely.


Course Aims:

Material specifications can be an important part of the manufacturing process. They ensure correct procurement and quality of materials. They may also have to meet client and code requirements.This course will provide you with the knowledge and procedures to ensure that materials are specified correctly and precisely.

Who Should Attend?

The course is aimed at personnel who use or procure engineering metals and alloys. It will show how using specifications may improve quality and manufacturing and their effect on costs. Processes such as welding and heat treatment are also taken into account.


Material Specifications
• Do I really need a specification when we can
use standard material?
• How will a specification help my business?
• Specifications and cost
• What reference standards shall I use?
• Specifications for manufacturing processes –
welding, machining, heat treatment, plating
• Certifications
Preparing a Material Specification
• What should be included?
• Steel and stainless steel
• The format of specifications
• How to specify composition
• Heat treatment
• Inspection
Material Grades and Properties
• Composition of steel and stainless steels
• What mechanical testing should be included –
tensile, hardness, toughness
• What should be tested
Material Specifications
• Steel and stainless steel standards
• BS, EN, ASTM, UNS, ISO standards
• Client requirements
• Advantages and disadvantages of specifications
• Cost and delivery time
• What methods of inspection should be used
• What acceptance criteria should be used
• Levels of Inspection


Course Duration:
1 Day

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