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  Joe Palmer

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Joe Palmer is a Lecturer at the Advance Manufacturing Research Centre’s (AMRC) Training Centre, part of the University of Sheffield and a Senior Project Manager in the AMRC’s Design and Prototyping Group (DPG). Currently, Joe divides his time between managing and delivering design focused R&D projects for the DPG and lecturing on the subject of Design and CAD/CAM at the AMRC Training Centre. He obtained his MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2008. He then went to work for Triumph Motorcycles in Hinckley, Leicestershire as a powertrain Design Engineer with a specialism in exhaust and cooling system design. In 2010 Joe came to the AMRC and held several design focused posts before becoming and Senior Project Manager. Joe is currently completing a part-time PhD which focuses on the production of lattice structures and hierarchical metamaterials using Additive Manufacture.

Teaching modules

AMR134 Introduction to Design and CAD CAM

Research Interest

Joe’s research interests align closely with his ongoing PhD and his work in the Design and Prototyping Group. These interests include the study of lattice structure production using various Additive Manufacture (AM) techniques. Lattice structures can be described as interconnected networks of thin pieces of material, similar to honeycomb type structures but with variation in all three spatial axes. Lattice structures are often used when designing components specifically for AM production, as replacing the solid interior of a component with a lattice type structure offers scope for reduced component weight and material use.

Variation in the geometry and element size of lattice structures can have large effects upon lattice strength. Increasing, very complex lattice structures are being used to achieve some remarkable material properties. Hierarchical lattice type structures present one approach, which can offer very high stiffness at very low relative material densities. The design and production of these hierarchical lattice structures, is currently Joe’s main research focus.

Research Projects

Due to the confidential nature of projects undertaken by the AMRC, many details of Joe’s current projects can’t be shared publically. Below is a selection of recent projects Joe has worked on which for which data is non-sensitive:

BeeBot – EPSRC Project – Production of a quadcopter type test platform, to assist with the development of a new type of AI controlled vision system.

Symbionica – EU funded H2020 Project – To design and prototype a new type of AM technology capable of producing personalised endo and exo prostheses.

TwinGen – Innovate UK Project – To create a new type of combined heat and power device for home use, which incorporates micro-turbine technology.

KitVes – EU funded FP7 Project – To develop a new green power generation technology which uses wind power harvested by high altitude kites.

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