Lecturer Profile- Hatim Laalej

  Hatim Laalej 

  University Teacher

  e: h.laalej@amrc.co.uk

   t: 0114 222 7689


Hatim Laalej Lang received a MEng degree in Control Systems Engineering in 2007 and a PhD in Control Systems in 2010 for his research on nonlinear vibration control systems of civil and mechanical structures at Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield. After several years' postdoctoral positions at Sheffield, he initially joined Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) as a project engineer in 2014, was promoted to a technical lead and a Lecturer in manufacturing technology in 2017. His main expertise related to control systems, sensors and data acquistion and the application of these to resolving various manufacturing problems including spindle vibration control problems, condition monitoring for CNC machines and cutting tools as well as adaptive control of machine tools.

Teaching modules

AMR211 Robotics, Automation and Informatics

AMR231 Engineering Systems and Control

Research Interest

• Tool embedded sensing technologies and signal processing techniques.

• Tool condition monitoring (sensing, instrumentation and signal processing and data acquisition systems).

• Condition monitoring of machine tools and computational Intelligence.

• Adaptive manufacture and process control.

• Passive, semi-active and active control of chatter vibration in machining applications.

Research grants and awards

2007-2008            -----     EPSRC grant to conduct research studies in the area of nonlinear vibration control.

2006-2007            -----     Mappin Medal and Premium Award for the greatest distinction achieved throughout the MEng degree.

2003-2004            -----     Sir Harold West Award for the display of academic and personal promise (first year university prize).

Selected Journal Publication

1. Laalej, H and Lang, Z.Q, 2010. “Numerical investigation of the effects of MR damper characteristic parameters on vibration isolation of SDOF systems under harmonic excitations” Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures “.21 (5), 483-501

2. Laalej, H and Lang, Z.Q, Daley, S, Zazas, I, Billing S A, Tomlinson GR, 2011 “Application of non-linear damping to vibration isolation - an experimental study”. Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics, DOI: 10.1007/s11071-011-0274-1

3. Laalej, H, Lang, Z.Q et al, 2012, “MR damper based implementation of nonlinear damping for a pitch plane suspension system.” Journal of Smart Materials and Structures, 21:045006

4. Pope, S, Laalej, H and Lang, Z.Q, Daley, S, 2012” Performance and Stability of Active metamaterial” Journal of Smart Materials and Structures, 21 (2012) 125021 (11pp)

5. Pope, S Laalej, H and Lang, Z.Q, Daley, S, Reynolds, M, 2012” Active elastic metamaterials with reactive actuators” Internoise, New York, USA

6. Pope, S, Laalej, H, 2014 “A multi-layer active elastic metamaterial with tuneable and simultaneously negative mass and stiffness”, Journal of Smart Materials and Structures, 23, pp. 075020, doi:10.1088/0964-1726/23/7/075020

7. Laalej, H and Lang, Z.Q, Daley, S, Zazas, I, Sapiński, B, 2012,”Integration of nonlinear damping with instantaneous harmonic control (IHC) for robust suppression of tonal disturbances”, international conference on Systems and Control, Marrakech, Morocco

8. Laalej, H, Salvador, S, McLeay, T, 2016 “A Flute Tracking System for Monitoring the Wear of Cutting Tools in Milling Operations.” International Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial, Mechatronic and Manufacturing Engineering, 10 (6)

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