Lecturer Profile- Erdem Ozturk

 Erdem Ozturk

 Senior Technical Fellow

 e: e.ozturk@amrc.co.uk



Erdem Ozturk received the BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2003 from Middle East Technical University and MSc. degree in Mechatronics Engineering in 2005 from Sabanci University. He got the PhD. degree from the same department in 2010.  In the PhD thesis, he focused on modelling of mechanics and dynamics of multi-axis machining operations, namely, 5-axis ball-end milling, parallel turning and parallel milling processes. Since September 2010, he has been with the AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing  Research Centre) with Boeing. He is a Senior Technical Fellow leading the Machining Dynamics group. He is also a visiting faculty at the Global Production Engineering and Management MSc. programme at the Vietnamese German University in Ho Chi Minh.  He is  an Associate  member of CIRP (The International Academy For Production Engineering). 

Teaching modules

AMR213 Advanced Manufacturing Processes Machining and Joining

Research Interest

• Predictive Models
• Spindle Dynamics
• Workpiece Dynamics
• Workholding & Automation
• Vibration Control
• Robotic, Robotic Assisted Milling
• Composite Milling
• Micro milling
• Near net machining processes
• Energy recovery systems
• Bone cutting
• Production of surgical tools and implants

Research grants and awards

2016 - 2019              -----      Cognitively enhanced robot for flexible manufacturing of metal and composite parts (COROMA),  funded by Horizon 2020

2015 – 2018              -----     Twin-model based virtual manufacturing for machine tool-process simulation and control(Twin Control), funded by Horizon 2020

2015 – 2017              -----     Modular Machine Tool and Process Simulator for Precision Machining, funded by Innovate UK

2014                          -----     Best poster award from Royal Academy of Engineering

2010                          -----     Gursel Sonmez Research Award, Sabanci University

2007                          -----     Best Paper Award in Dynamics Session of 10th CIRP Workshop on Modelling of Machining Operations, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Journal Publications

1. Gibbons, T.J., Ozturk, E.,  Sims, N.D.,(2018),  Rotational degree-of-freedom synthesis: An optimised finite difference method for non-exact data,Journal of Sound and Vibration, Volume 412, , Pages 207-221

2. Ozturk, E., Ozkirimli, O., Gibbons, T. , Saibi, M., Turner, S., (2016), Prediction of effect of helix angle on cutting force coefficients for design of new tools, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, Volume 65, Issue 1, Pages 125–128

3. Allwood, J. M., Childs, T. H., Clare, A. T., DeSilva, A. K. , Dhokia, V , Hutchings, I. M., Leach, R. K., Leal-Ayala., D. R., Lowth, S., Majewski, C. E., Marzano, A., Mehnen, J., Nassehi, , Ozturk, E., Raffles,  M. H.,  Roy, R., Shyha,  I.,  Turner, S., (2016), Manufacturing at double the speed, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 229, 729–757

4. Ozturk, E., Comak, A., Budak, E., (2016), Tuning of tool dynamics for increased stability of parallel (simultaneous) turning processes, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Volume 360,Pages 17–30

5. Budak, E., Comak, A., Ozturk, E., (2013), Stability and High Performance Machining Conditions in Simultaneous Milling, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology Volume 62, Issue 1, Pages 403-406

6. Ozturk, E., Kumar , U., Turner, S. ,Schmitz, T., (2012), Investigation of Spindle Bearing Preload on Dynamics and Stability Limit in Milling, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, Volume 61, Issue 1, Pages 343–346

7. Budak, E., Ozturk, E., (2011), Dynamics and Stability of Parallel Turning Operations, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology Volume 60, Issue 1, Pages 383–386

8. Ozturk, E., Budak, E., (2010), Dynamics and Stability of Five-axis Ball-end Milling, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 132, 021003-1-13

9. Ozturk, E., Tunc, L., T., Budak, E., (2009), Investigation of Lead and Tilt Angle Effects in 5-Axis Ball-End Milling Processes, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 49, 1053-1062

10. Budak, E., Ozturk, E., Tunc, L., T., (2009), Modelling and Simulation of 5-Axis Milling Processes, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, Volume 58, Issue 1, Pages 347-350

11. Ozturk, E., Tunc, L. T., Budak, E., (2009), Analytical Methods for Increased Productivity in 5-axis Ball-end Milling, Special Issue of the Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems about Advances in Multi-Axis Machining and Machine Tool Control, International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems, Volume 4,Pages 238-265

12. Ozturk, E., Budak, E., (2007), Modelling of 5-axis Milling Processes, Machining Science and Technology, 11:3, 287–311

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