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Primary Engineer Leaders Award Exhibition - AMRC Training Centre

Wednesday 03 July 2019

Leaders Award celebration will announce the winners of a competition that challenged schoolchildren from across Yorkshire and the Humber to answer the question: ‘If you were an engineer what would you do?’

Pupils had to identify a real-world problem, design a solution and write a letter to an engineer saying why they should make it. More than 2,220 entries were submitted from 16 schools across the county attempting to solve a whole range of challenges from inventions to support people with dementia, solving global warming and climate change to machines that feed your pets.

Shortlisted designs have been judged by an impressive panel of experts including AMRC CEO Colin Sirett, AMRC engineers and trainers, and Shivan Morkar who is the AMRC Training Centre Apprentice of the Year 2019 champion. 

From the shortlisted entries, two victors are chosen from each year group along with the winner whose design will be prototyped by the AMRC. 

The exhibition of entries all the shortlisted entries from all the participating schools will be held at the AMRC Training Centre on July 3, which is open to the public and free to attend.

For more information about the exhibition please visit www.primaryengineer.com  or call 01282 417 333.

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