Employer blog: Let's talk... Apprenticeships

Let's talk... Apprenticeships

Navigating the world of apprenticeships can be difficult, from contracts to End Point Assessment, there are lots that people employing an apprentice need to get their heads around.

We have put together a series of Employer blogs to answer employers' questions about apprenticeships. Our blogs are based on our 'Let's talk... apprenticeships' webinar series that is running now that looks at funding, contracts, how apprenticeships are structured, funding apprenticeships, contracts, Advanced Apprenticeships, Degree Apprenticeships and everything else that you'll need to know.

Let’s talk…about how apprenticeships work
By Louise Cowling, Head of Degree Apprenticeships


This week, I had the pleasure of helping to launch our series of free webinars for employers called 'Let's talk... apprenticeships'.
Our aim? We want to answer the questions we’re most often asked by businesses about employing an apprentice – whether they currently employ one, are considering employing one or simply want to learn more. Read more... 

Let's talk... funding

By Maria Mulholland, Performance and Compliance Lead


Once a business has begun thinking about employing an apprentice, their next question is often: how will we pay for our new employee?

In the 'Let's talk...funding' webinar we looked at all of the different ways in which to fund an apprentice, explained the latest schemes available and covered the new apprenticeship incentives recently released by the government. Read more...

Let's talk... recruitment

By Lisa Sellers, Recruitment Lead


This week’s webinar was all about our recruitment service to companies and its benefits.

We talked through our step-by-step service, the aim of which is to ensure we match applicants with appropriate employers ensuring that the needs of both are met. Read more...


Let's talk... Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

By Louise Cowling, Head of Degree Apprenticeships


There are many misconceptions about apprenticeships, one of which is that there is one course that everyone takes.

That just isn’t the case. At the AMRC Training Centre we offer lots of different qualifications and I was given the opportunity this week to explain two of them in our latest webinar ‘Let’s talk…Higher and Degree Apprenticeships’. Read more...



Let's talk... Advanced Apprenticeships

By Gareth Wilkinson, Skills Manager


This week thousands of students picked up their GCSE results and many will be immediately wondering what their next step is. With that in mind, the ‘Let’s talk…apprenticeships’ webinar series is increasingly important to answer the questions we’re most often asked about employing an apprentice.

This week, we focussed on Advanced Apprenticeships which are perfect for employers who are looking at the next generation of engineers for their organisation. Read more...


Let's talk... contracts

By Maria Mulholland, Contracts Coordinator


One of the most frustrating aspects of the Covid-19 restrictions has been that we can’t get out to employers to explain to them all the benefits an apprentice can bring to their company, so these weekly webinars have been invaluable for us to get our messages across. And I hope lots of employers – and potential employers – have found them equally as beneficial.

It was my responsibility this week to bring the webinar series to a close with ‘Let's talk... contracts’ where I took employers through everything they need to know when it comes to the government regulations on apprenticeships. Read more...



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