Bespoke CPD Courses

We deliver a wide range of commercial services including an off-the-shelf training programme at our headquarters in South Yorkshire and at various venues across the UK.

But we recognise that not every organisation has the resource to cover off-site delivery and so the AMRC Training Centre has developed a on demand in-house offer. In-house training is delivered at your site, at dates and times that are at a convenience to you and your employees.

We can deliver any of the courses featured on our website as an in-house training solution, tailoring these programmes to meet your organisational needs. Alternatively, we can design and develop on demand programmes based on your business ambitions, staff development objectives and procedural requirements.

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How it works:

We will work with you to identify your needs and ensure that you are satisfied, and agree, with the proposed programme content. In-house training can provide a cost effective solution for delivery of training for three or more delegates. We will provide programme workbooks for each delegate and a summary evaluation report following the delivery of programme.

We will develop a customised training programme based on your specific requirements including:

  • Agreeing what you want to get out of the programme.
  • Identifying the required learning outcomes for your delegates.
  • Developing the appropriate course content.
  • Ensure a subject specialist is provided to deliver the course.
  • Providing supporting training materials that are appropriate to the audience.

We will make all the necessary arrangements associated with the delivery of the course including:

  • Arranging any necessary pre-course meetings or conference calls with you (or your designated contact).
  • Ensuring the programme materials and any necessary equipment are delivered to your site / venue.
  • Providing a point of contact for any questions you may have.
  • Providing evaluation summary reports.

We deliver In-house training throughout the UK, covering a variety of subjects and working in a range of sectors. AMRC Training Centre courses are designed to be participative, interactive and engaging whilst also delivering current thinking and theory on the specific subject areas.

Types of on demand courses that we have delivered

1. One of the world’s largest heat treatment organisations wanted their staff to receive formal training in the metallurgical aspects of heat treatment and other services delivered across the organisation in the UK. We worked with the client to produce a suite of on demand courses at 3 levels of technical complexity, dependent on knowledge and skills and delivered at their premises. The client was thrilled with the outcome and said that the “Introduction to Metallurgy Course Part 1 was a significant success which repaid the work put into producing it – a “good foundation on which we can build”.

2. A major supplier of pumps & valves that supply significant quantities to the nuclear sector worldwide contacted us to train 30 of their engineering staff over a 2 year programme. We prepared and delivered fourteen 1 day technical courses on topics like stainless steels manufacture, metallurgy & applications, nickel metallurgy, hot / warm forging, heat treatment, corrosion, fatigue and quality assurance. The client’s expectations were exceeded as we improved staff motivation, knowledge and understanding.

3. One of our clients provides steel roll surface refurbishment and large component 3D co-ordinate measurement services to a wide range of customers. They wanted to improve the productivity, efficiency, technical quality standards and hence the profitability of the clients operations through a series of training courses covering the fundamental technology of mill roll refurbishing operations. We worked with the client to devise a programme of 4 one day courses on very specific technical training that were delivered to 7 groups of differing abilities. The quality of training and commitment from the client has subsequently enabled them to reduce the levels of rejects & rework and to enhance throughput & productivity without compromising product quality.

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Bespoke CPD Courses

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