The current demographic of the AMRC Training Centre, and among other STEM related subjects, remains predominantly and stubbornly male: this environment is a powerful deterrent to young women identifying and choosing engineering as a compelling and attractive career choice.

What is #AMRCtribe?

We have started a movement to create a much more supportive environment for young women to make informed choices about what is best for them. The #AMRCtribe is built around an exclusive peer group for young women, independent of the school setting.

We believe this close knit and supportive tribe is the perfect forum to raise awareness of STEM in a way that is attractive to young women, overcoming the predominantly male stereotypes that dominate the sector.

This will open up a new world of opportunities for young women and provide the wider UK industrial base with the diverse and talented workforce it needs to grow and prosper in a sustainable way.

The #AMRCtribe is made up of a series of events and a social media group that will enable girls in the local area to communicate and form a tribe.

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If you have a group that you feel would benefit form taking part in #AMRCtribe, contact us at or call 0114 222 6241

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