Metal Fabricator

The Metal Fabricator apprenticeship involves making products and components from raw or semi-finished materials by cutting, shaping and joining sections of metal together.

You may also carry out repairs on manufacturing equipment and machinery in addition to welding. The fabrication and welding industry is embedded in every aspect of our lives, from the cars we drive to the construction of the buildings we work in. Welding, sheet metal fabrication and engineering industries require well-trained people capable of operating a broad range of welding equipment in a variety of techniques.

Throughout this apprenticeship journey, you will benefit from a mix of classroom learning and practical work which will teach you how to fuse different metals using appropriate welding techniques.

About the metal fabricator course

Units could include:

  • Fabrication welding – manual and automatic
  • Fabrication welding – manual plateworking
  • Preparing and using semi-automatic MIG, MAG and flux cored arc welding equipment
  • Producing sheet metal components and assemblies
  • Preparing and using manual TIG or plasma-arc welding equipment
  • Preparing and using manual metal arc welding
  • equipment.

You and your employer will be given the opportunity to select additional units that will help you gain the skills to progress within your organisation.

A Fabrication and welding apprenticeship trains you for a variety of roles such as a Fabrication Welder, Sheet Metal Worker, Plater, MIG or TIG Welder and Pipe Welder.

Many jobs within engineering have components that can impact on the physical health of the person carrying them out.

Employers and training centres have a duty to carry out risk assessments and reduce the hazards through implementing polices and protective equipment. 

However, a number of conditions can mean that certain jobs within engineering may not be the best option for you.                       

If you are interested in Fabrication & Welding or career and have the conditions below you will need to speak to an AMRC Training Centre staff member to discuss your chosen area further: 

  • Colour Blindness
  • Dyspraxia
  • Asthma
  • Epilepsy 

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