The AMRC Training Centre, part of the University of Sheffield AMRC Group, provides training in the practical and academic skills that engineering / manufacturing companies need to compete globally, from apprenticeship through to higher education.

The University of Sheffield AMRC Group is a collaborative approach between the academic world and the engineering / manufacturing sector. It utilises the knowledge and skills available to address the sector's needs for present and future demands, focusing on machining and materials research. 

For employers, we provide qualified employees with a tailored set of skills and hands-on experience by utilising and providing access to state-of-the-art machinery and technology. For the young people of the Sheffield City Region, we provide the foundation for a rewarding career in some of the world’s most innovative industries.

The AMRC Training Centre is led by a team of respected specialists who have experienced the challenges of developing world-class talent, and learning specialists who understand the requirements of the manufacturing sector. We are able to draw on a wealth of world class resources, links and partnerships to create a flexible approach to learning and development that is tailored to your business needs.

The AMRC Group includes:

We are based in a growing campus at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, close to the M1 between Sheffield and Rotherham. Read more about our other centres.

You can view the AMRC Training Centre's latest Ofsted report via this link.

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